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JP Rates


There are no standard rates for a Justice of the Peace officiating a wedding, but by law they cannot be free. So each JP will charge the rate they are most comfortable with for the time spent. And most rates vary depending on the service provided. Whatever the fee, the officiant for your ceremony has an important job. Your decision should not be driven by cost. Please contact me to discuss what your budget will allow. 



  • Initial Consultation: No Charge. The goal of this meeting, either in person, via Facetime, or phone conference, is to get to know each other better. In this meeting we'll talk about your expectations, values, beliefs, themes, anything that may inform the ceremony. Here we will decide if I am the right officiant for you.


  • Customized Ceremony: $300.00 which includes an in-person and/or phone interview to share your stories, what is important to you, how you define your relationship, what is unique about the two of you. Also includes emails or calls with family and friends before the wedding in an effort to learn more about you as a couple. From this information, I'll write a specific ceremony that is all your own. 


  • Rehearsal: $50.00 for an additional onsite visit where we will have the chance to do a low key walk through. Taking this time allows us to address any last minute questions that may arise and iron out any wrinkles you may not have expected.


  • Signature on license only: $200.00


An additional travel fee may apply if the ceremony is more than 10 miles from North Hampton. For example, Portsmouth is only 8 miles, so there is no additional travel fee. Wolfeboro NH is 55 miles, so there is an additional $55.00 fee for travel expenses, each way. Overnight lodging, if required, will also be expensed. 


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