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Death from a Thousand Paper Cuts

A single paper cut may sting and make a bloody mess of your document, but it's not going to kill you. What about a thousand of them? Somebody grab a tourniquet! Death from a thousand paper cuts is an old public relations term meaning one bad incident may blow over, but many will kill a career. Ask Paris Hilton. Who? Exactly.

What about relationships?

You may think that what you did to annoy your partner was no big deal. But enough small deals and you may find your once passionate love affair bleeding out.

Call 911.

You need a little time to warm up to the idea? Ok, so Valentine's Day is a perfect time to start. Here are some small, but powerful things you can do to get the heart thumping again.

  • Say, "I love you." and "Thank you."

  • Bring home flowers

  • Make a card with a heart-felt message

  • Hold your hug for 30 seconds

  • Take on a task you never usually do, like cleaning up after dinner

What can you do that would be unexpected and appreciated?

Do it. Not once, but often.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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